UE Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program

Alexa Butler

This scholarship allowed me the financial opportunity to join Greek Life to grow my connections and networks further than I ever thought possible. Additionally, the Teaching Fellows Scholarship gave me the chance to graduate debt free, so I can spend the time and money that I saved on my classroom to benefit my students’ education.

-Alexa Butler ’21

The University of Evansville School of Education will be selecting 10 high school seniors admitted to UE as Teaching Fellows Scholarship recipients. These Fellows receive a combination of aid in both junior and senior years* at UE that is equivalent to covering full-time tuition for two years! This means that 12-18 credit hours during fall and spring are covered by the scholarship/aid package each of those semesters.

Who should apply?

High school seniors who want to major in education at the University of Evansville.

This scholarship is focused on attracting bright future teachers in high needs areas and diversifying the field of educators. There are several ways to qualify, and it only takes one of these options:

  1. Choose a high-needs teaching area as your major. It could be mathematics, life science/biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish, English, or music education.
  2. If you prefer to major in elementary education, or a secondary field not listed, you will add a teaching English as a second language (TESL) minor or pursue a license addition in special education
  3. If you are an education major identified as underrepresented in the field of teaching (e.g., African American, Latinx, English as a second language, or male interested in elementary education).

How do I apply for a Teaching Fellow scholarship?

We've made this easy for you. No essay required! Simply fill out the form and we'll take a look at it!


When should I apply?

High school seniors can apply between August 1-December 1. UE School of Education team members will review every form submitted, select finalists to meet with in December/January, and announce scholarship winners by March 15 (often sooner). We're excited to meet the newest Teaching Fellows and welcome them to the University of Evansville School of Education family!

Students awarded a UE Teaching Fellows Scholarship will receive:

  1. During junior year (3rd year)* - Teaching Fellows Scholarship (in combination with other UE gift aid, will be equal to full-time tuition).
  2. During senior year (4th year)* - Teaching Fellows Scholarship and Teaching Fellows Grant, (in combination with other UE gift aid, will be equal to full-time tuition). Grant will be converted to a loan if agreement is not fulfilled.
  3. Early participation in our new teacher mentoring program for graduates.

*Junior/3rd year; Senior/4th year. Awarding based on year of matriculation as a UE degree-seeking student (not awarded based on credit hours earned).