UE Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program

The University of Evansville is proud to offer the Teaching Fellows Scholarship which attracts students who aspire to become classroom teachers. Through the Teaching Fellows Program, eligible candidates will have the opportunity to earn a teaching license supported by close mentoring from UE faculty members as well as local school partners.

Teaching Fellows will receive a combination of aid (details below) in their junior and senior year to support the cost of full-time tuition (12-18 credits). The Teaching Fellows Program is awarded to up to 10 education majors per year.

Admission Criteria

Entering freshmen are eligible to pursue the Teaching Fellows Program by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Major in mathematics, life science/biology, chemistry, Spanish or
  • Major in elementary or secondary education with a teaching minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), mathematics, life science/biology, chemistry, or complete the special education license addition or
  • Major in elementary or secondary education identified as a minority or member of an underrepresented group (e.g. African American or Latino; English as a second language; male interested in elementary education)

How to Apply

  1. High School seniors should complete the application for admission to the University of Evansville and submit a 1-2 page essay (use size 12 font, normal margins, and double-spacing) with UE Teaching Fellows Essay and your full name at the top of the first page. The essay should address your personal interest in teaching as a career and your long-term goals within the profession. Please allow the essay to reflect who you are as a person, student, and future teacher. Upload the essay to the UE Admission Portal and/or include it as an attachment in an email to admission@evansville.edu.

Students awarded a UE Teaching Fellows Scholarship will receive:

  1. During junior year (3rd year) - Teaching Fellows Scholarship (in combination with other UE gift aid, will be equal to full-time tuition).
  2. During senior year (4th year) - Teaching Fellows Scholarship and Teaching Fellows Grant, (in combination with other UE gift aid, will be equal to full-time tuition). Grant will be converted to a loan if agreement is not fulfilled.
  3. Early participation in our new teacher mentoring program for graduates.

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