Professor Orville Jaebker Fellowship

Orville JaebkeProfessor Orville Jaebker

The Jaebker Fellowship is a highly-competitive annual award, presented to the author of the outstanding History Department Senior Thesis proposal. The recipient may spend that money both on research and on expenses related to attending conferences. To date the winners of the Award have been:

  • 2014: Rebecca Denne, to finance her research on American Genealogy.
  • 2013: Shannon Young, to finance her research on the Cathars.
  • 2012: Jillian Smith, to finance her research on World War One textbooks.
  • 2011: Rachel Lawrence, to finance her research trips in Rumania, where she conducted research on Vlad Dracul, the original real-life inspiration of the Dracula story.
  • 2010: William Warwick, to conduct research on Labor Rights.

The fellowship is in memory and honor of Orville Jaebker, a professor who first came to the University of Evansville in 1952. Jaebker was a distinguished scholar and teacher who filled many roles at the University and who served the history department as chair for many years