Graduate Admission (Pathway 2)

If you are an applicant that will have a degree by the time of matriculation, you will submit an application through the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) for the traditional application process. The CASPA cycle will begin on April 28, 2022, and the application deadline is August 1, 2022 with a “verified” status.

The admissions process is a two-step process. The first step is an academic evaluation using the CASPA application. The applicant's overall and prerequisite GPA are evaluated. Personal statements, exposure to and understanding of the physician assistant profession, campus involvement, commitment to learning, history of leadership, letters of recommendation, and strong writing and interpersonal skills may also be taken into consideration by the selection committee. The top candidates are then invited for an interview on campus. The UEPA program uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) process. Candidates are then re-ranked and selected for admission.

Interviews are expected to be in September prior to year of matriculation with offers of admission made within two weeks of the interview. Those eligible applicants not offered admission will be placed on a wait list.

Upon an offer of admissions, candidates will be required to submit a $1,000 non-refundable seat deposit. This deposit will be applied toward tuition upon matriculation.

At least 50 percent of the matriculating class will be selected through this admission pathway.

The University of Evansville Physician Assistant Program does not recognize any special populations.

Admission as a Transfer Student or College Graduate Student

Transfer students who wish to complete a bachelor's degree at UE have multiple undergraduate major options. Currently developed degree options for prospective Physician Assistant students include Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Neuroscience, and Public Health. Depending on the number of transferable credits an additional two or three years may be necessary to complete all prerequisite and undergraduate requirements. Transfer students who will be completing an undergraduate degree are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a faculty member from their intended undergraduate area of study to familiarize themselves with course and degree requirements. To schedule an appointment, contact the Office of Admission by email at

To apply for admission to the University, transfer applicants should complete the Transfer Application for Admission and Scholarship available online. Students should indicate on the application the undergraduate degree they wish to pursue, as well as the intention of pursuing the PA degree. Applications and supporting documents will be evaluated by a counselor in the Office of Admission. Admission to the University does not guarantee admission into the PA Program. Application to the PA Program is a separate application process.

Students who have a bachelor's degree but wish to complete prerequisites will apply as a college graduate student and use the Special Student Application available online.

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