Message from the Chief Diversity Officer

Diversity and equity at the University of Evansville is epitomized in countless different ways: race and ethnicity, religious, family structure, sexual orientation, age, gender and by socio-economics. Preparing students for a multifaceted world requires an education that mirrors the history, cultures, beliefs, and views of the global society in which we live, as well as knowledge of an inclusive, welcoming community derived from direct experiences and celebrations.

The diversity mission embedded in the policy and procedures of the University is made explicit in the multifaceted campus-wide agenda, which instructs the continued recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, faculty, administration, and staff, the development of inclusive curricula, ongoing education on complex cultural issues, measures to define responsibility and growth, and equal access for all campus members to participate fully at the University of Evansville.

As we actualize this vision in the years to come, we remind ourselves that while much has been accomplished, diversity and equity is not an outcome but rather a process, which is never finished. Through mindful collaboration, hard work, and dialog, the University of Evansville will create and withstand a diverse learning community, one in which we model leadership that moves us beyond tolerance, to an understanding of our global humanity and a respect for diversity and all of its facets.

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Room 205, Olmsted Administration Hall