Emergency Notification System

The University of Evansville has an Emergency Alert/Severe Weather Notification Plan. This plan is intended for the immediate transmission of specific information regarding an emergency to all affected areas of the University. It may include weather related information, school closing information, or other emergency situations requiring the securing or evacuation of the campus facilities. Emergency information is sent to students, faculty and staff through activation of the ACE Alerts Emergency System. When the ACE Alerts Emergency System is activated, notification information is sent to in the following manner: calls to campus IP phones, text messages, emails, campus housing speaker system, Visix digital signage, AlertUS desktop on campus owned computers.

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus, the university will, without delay, and taking into account the safety or the community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the Emergency Alert/Severe Weather Notification Plan, unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

In the event there is a threat to the safety of the campus community, the Director of Public Safety, or his/her designee, contact the Vice President of Student Affairs, or his/her designee and the initial information is reviewed for confirmation of the threat and necessary and needed communications is determined. Upon confirmation, the appropriate methods of notification will be initiated. If the threat could extend beyond the confines of the campus, the Office of University Relations will inform the local radio and TV stations. This notification will provide specific instructions relative to the emergency including instruction to seek appropriate shelter, evacuation, or other appropriate actions. In some cases, the university may enlist the assistance of the assigned Building Safety Coordinators for each building, if necessary to expedite action.

Active Threat Siren

During an active threat (non-weather related) emergency situations, an audible tone will play over the IP Phones and the external notification systems. When the siren is heard, the campus community should consult their text messaging or email for information about the active threat. You can hear the tone below. (Note: Residence Hall sirens will sound in the event of a weather related emergency such as a tornado warning).


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