Prevention Resources

Numerous efforts are made to advise members of the campus community on a timely basis about campus crime, crime-related problems and crime prevention. Some of the ways in which members of the campus community are advised about campus crime and prevention methods are as follows:

  • Statistics Reports: Comprehensive reports of crime-related information are compiled monthly and annually. The annual report is published and distributed to all current students and employees. Reports are available to all prospective students and employees upon request.
  • Student Magazine: The Crescent Magazine publishes the“Campus Crime” column in its online version on a monthly basis that contains information about all criminal reports received by the Office of Public Safety during the previous week.
  • Daily Crime Log: The Office of Public Safety maintains a daily log of the date, time, location, case report number, and disposition of all crimes filed with the office. This log is public record. Entries and updates are made into the log within two business days. Crime logs for the most recent 60-day period are available for public inspection during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Requests for viewing crime logs older than 60 days will be available within two business days.
  • Special Alerts: If a crime or series of crimes has occurred on campus or close to campus and could be considered a threat to other students and employees, the University may implement its Security/Timely Warning Alert. The director of Public Safety is responsible for making the decision to initiate and prepare the alerts after consultation with the vice president of student affairs. The dissemination of information is accomplished through the manual distribution of an authorized Security Alert and a campus-wide email. Through these alerts, members of the campus community are provided with prompt notice of incidents that could have a direct effect on their safety and security. They are asked to provide any information concerning the incidents they may have and are provided with crime prevention tips to deter the types of crimes reported.
  • Student Handbook: The Residence Life and Safe Living sections of the Student Handbook contain crime prevention tips and security services offered and encourage students to participate in their own personal safety and the safety of others.
  • Presentations: Crime prevention presentations are made annually to international student groups and resident students. Programs and videos are available upon request for all campus groups.

Additional information can be accessed from the menu at the top and the yearly Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.