Campus Emergency Phones

Emergency telephones have been placed in strategic locations around campus. Thirteen telephones are located in outside areas of the campus. They are recognizable by the blue lights on top and "Emergency" on the sides of the poles.

View a map of Emergency Phone locations

Outside Phones
(click on the blue phone)

  1. Rotherwood/Olive
  2. Stadium Running Track
  3. Fitness Center/Stadium
  4. Lot H/Pedestrian Gate
  5. Hughes/Hale Hall
  6. Koch Center South East Doors
  7. Frederick Commons
  8. Fine Arts/Hyde Hall
  9. Olmsted/Library
  10. Jones Hall
  11. Panhellenic Center
  12. Lot A
  13. Ridgway University Center
  14. Walnut Commons

Inside Phones
(click on the yellow phone)

  1. Weinbach Apartments Laundry
  2. Lincoln Park Apartments Laundry
  3. Carson Center Pool
  4. Fine Arts Basement

Office Phone

Office Email

Office Location
First floor, General Services Building