Non-Emergency Response

There are certain situations that security will respond to as part of their duties. These situations fall under Non-emergencies and are provided as a service to the campus community. Be aware that these are low priority and may not be responded to immediately if an emergency does arise.

Medical Transport

In cases where minor medical attention is needed for illness or minor injury, Security will transport to Health & Wellness or a hospital emergency room if H&W is closed. Students should get in touch with a Residence Assistant or their Residential Coordinator before contacting Security in these situations. We do not transport for scheduled doctor appointments.

What are minor situations?

  • Cold or Flu like symptoms
  • Minor cuts and abrasions
  • Sprained or twisted joints

For information on serious medical emergencies, see Reporting Medical Emergencies.

Automotive Assistance

Pop Starter

Security has the capability to jump-start vehicles with our Pop-Start device. This device is a portable battery and cable set up that can quickly and easily be hooked up to a vehicle's dead battery to assist in starting. This device only works on dead batteries. It will not start your car if you have a bad starter or other car problems.

If you think you have a dead battery:

  1. Call Security at 2051.
  2. Give them your name & location.
  3. Give the a description of your vehicle (Red, Ford, Mustang)
  4. Return to your vehicle and raise the hood

Security does not change tires or perform any other vehicle maintenance. We will contact a tow truck upon request in the event a car is having problems other than a dead battery. The person requesting a tow is responsible for cost of the tow. The University is not responsible for damage or loss of property in the event of a tow.

Campus Escorts

Although the campus is a relatively safe place, we do encourage the student community to use the buddy system, especially when traveling around campus at night. The Office of Safety and Security provides a Campus Escort service to any student who cannot find a buddy.

Part of this service is ACE PATROL which is comprised of students who work for the Security Office and provide escorts from 6:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. There are Security Officers on duty 24 hours a day who will handle escorts in the event an Ace Patrol is not available.

To get a campus escort:

  1. Call the Office of Safety and Security at 2051 from any campus phone or use one of the campus emergency phones.
  2. Give your name.
  3. Give your location.
  4. Where you will meet them. (e.g. Main entrance of Union)
  5. Give your destination.

Please be patient and give the escort at least 5-10 minutes to arrive. Most of the time it will be a walking patrol and they may be across campus.

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