On-campus Residency Requirement for Full Renewal of Aid

Most students are required to live in University-approved housing when they enter UE. For most students, the full renewal of UE financial aid (scholarships or grants) requires continued residency in UE-approved housing even after satisfying their on-campus Residency Requirement.

Refer to the Office of Residence Life policies with regard to the residency requirements and exemption criteria for students entering UE: Residency Requirement.

Financial Aid Reduction: Students who were required to live in UE housing when entering UE, and who choose to move off campus after satisfying the Office of Residence Life’s Residency Requirement, will experience a reduction to their UE-funded financial aid:

  • $4,500 annually or $2,250 per semester

This reduction of aid will NOT apply to students who have elected to live on-campus but later move off-campus to move home with parents in approved counties, live with a spouse or dependent, transfer students, or students entering their fifth year at UE. Documentation may be required.

Types of UE-approved housing and meal plan options: Students who live in ANY type of UE-approved housing are considered “on-campus” for the purposes of renewing their full financial aid. UE approved housing includes residence halls, University apartments, houses, townhouses, and University-managed and University-approved Greek houses. Choice of meal plan, or lack thereof, does not affect financial aid.

Types of aid affected: The aid reduction affects all UE-funded aid, whether merit or need-based, including partial athletics scholarships. Unique policies govern the administration of full-ride athletics scholarships.

Regaining aid: Students who lost aid as a result of moving off-campus may regain the original value of their aid if they later return to UE-approved housing.

Harlaxton and Study-abroad: Students attending Harlaxton College for a semester are considered to be living in University-approved housing and will NOT experience a reduction to their UE-funded financial aid. Students in UE-approved Study Abroad programs will not experience a reduction as long as the study abroad experience provides a housing opportunity similar to UE.

Ridgway Award: Recipients entering in 2017-18 and beyond are required to live on campus to retain the Ridgway Award. Students who wish to live with parents will not be awarded the Ridgway Award.

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