Prospective Freshman Gift Assistance

The University of Evansville is the largest provider of financial aid to our students. UE gift assistance is available only to first-time, full-time domestic undergraduates in traditional degree programs who will enter UE in fall 2017.

Award amounts listed below are for the 2017-2018 entering class and may vary for future academic years.

Merit or academic focused scholarships are offered to students based upon the information gathered from the University of Evansville Application for Admission and Scholarship. The University of Evansville offers rolling admission, with an Early Action deadline of Thursday, December 1, 2016. Students who meet the Early Action deadline receive the strongest scholarship consideration. Students submitting their admission application after December 1 are eligible for scholarships based on fund availability.

Merit-based Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

  • Academic scholarships are determined based on the student’s collective academic and leadership accomplishments, along with recognitions outside the classroom. Collective base awards range in value from a total of $11,000 to full tuition based on the quality of the applicant pool.
  • National Merit finalists will receive a full-tuition award.

UE Need for Nursing Scholarship

  • Awarded to students earning direct-entry into the Nursing program. Base awards range in value from a total of $15,000 to full tuition based on the quality of the applicant pool.
  • National Merit finalists will receive a full-tuition award.

Performing Arts Scholarships

  • Auditions are required for students applying to the Departments of Music or Theatre, to earn admission to the program and for scholarship evaluation.
  • Scholarship value is influenced by both academic ability and performing arts talent. This amount will include Theatre or Music consideration, as well as all activities and recognitions.
  • Scholarship notification will come AFTER the audition.

Students are awarded one merit-based scholarship (whichever is the highest value).

Additional Considerations

The following are considered when awarding merit-based scholarships:

Scouting Scholarship – Candidates must have earned the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout, Girl Scouts of the USA Gold Award, Sea Scouting Quartermaster Award, American Heritage Girls Stars and Stripes Award, or Venturing Silver Award.

Legacy Award – Awarded to children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of UE graduates.

United Methodist Scholarship – Awarded if student is an active member of a United Methodist Church.

For students receiving recognition of the following scholarships during high school, these awards have been included in your UE Annual Scholarship.

  • Balsawood Bridge
  • Junior Achievement Innovation
  • Math
  • Options
  • Star Student

Renewal Criteria – UE scholarships are renewable annually for four years (eight long semesters) if student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA as indicated below. Residency requirements apply - see UE Residency requirements as they relate to full renewal of scholarships.

  • 3.0 GPA required for full renewal of National Merit and National Hispanic awards.
  • 2.5 GPA required for all other scholarships/awards.

Additional Awards

The following awards may be awarded in addition to your UE Annual Scholarship. Award notification will come from the department and will be coordinated with other financial aid.

Art Scholarship for Art majors – Students must submit an art portfolio to University of Evansville Art Department for consideration of scholarship by March 1, 2017.

Foreign Languages Video Contest – Awarded to student(s) for winning the Foreign Language Video Contest.

Manager and Trainer Awards – Awarded at the discretion of UE's athletics manager or trainer to students who assist with UE's NCAA Division I athletics teams.

Music Ensemble Participation Award for non-music majors – Students must complete an audition with the Department of Music by March 1, 2017, and demonstrate sufficient talent to participate in band, choir, or orchestra. Renewal requires continued participation in an eligible ensemble.

William L. Ridgway Award – Candidates must be dependent students who maintain permanent residence in Vanderburgh County or who will graduate from an accredited high school located in Vanderburgh County. On-campus residency required.

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