100% of our recent graduates are working in the field of education or are enrolled in graduate school-that’s a bright future!

Advantages for UE Education Students

Majoring in education at the University of Evansville prepares students to teach the right way – by doing it. Education students experience the following:

  • A K-12 classroom placement during freshman year.
  • A K-12 classroom practicum in a special-needs classroom during sophomore year.
  • Full Year of Student Teaching Internships in a K-12 classroom typically completed during junior year.
  • A full 16 weeks of student teaching during senior year.
  • Easily gain 1,000 hours of classroom experience before graduation.
  • Opportunities to conduct research with faculty members and participate in community activities, including literacy and reading events and after-school programs.

The University of Evansville School of Education offers programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science degree and preparation for state licensure at all levels, kindergarten through high school. Students may choose from the following teaching areas:

  • Elementary education (including kindergarten)
  • Secondary Education
    • Biology/Life Science
    • Chemistry
    • English and Language Arts
    • Foreign language (Spanish)
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
  • Majors available for all grade levels:
    • Music
    • Theatre
    • Visual arts
  • Minors include:
    • Elementary Education
      • Mathematics
      • Language Arts
      • Social Studies and Science
      • Reading
      • Foreign Language
      • Visual Arts
      • Music
    • Secondary Education
      • English Language Arts
      • Foreign Language
      • Mathematics
      • Visual Arts
      • Science (Life Science/Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
  • License Addition for Special Education: UE provides students the opportunity to complete additional course work and add the intense intervention and/or mild intervention license to their teaching major.

Information for Current Students

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