UE School of Education students will have 1,000 hours of classroom experience before graduation.

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The Education Program

UE's School of Education offers a challenging curriculum in a supportive environment, preparing tomorrow's teachers with the tools they will need to succeed in their own classroom.

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The University of Evansville School of Education offers programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science degree and state licensure at all levels, kindergarten through high school. Students may choose from the following teaching areas:

  • Elementary education (including kindergarten)
  • Senior high/high school and junior high/middle school
    • Biology/Life Science
    • Chemistry
    • English and language arts
    • Foreign language (French, German, Spanish)
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Social studies
  • Majors available for all grade levels:
    • Music
    • Special education
    • Theatre
    • Visual art

Benefits for UE Education Students

Majoring in education at the University of Evansville prepares students to teach the right way – by doing it. Education students experience the following:

  • A K-12 classroom placement during their very first semester at UE.
  • Intensive internships (250+ hours) during junior year for elementary and secondary students.
  • Four full-semester practicums during sophomore and junior years for special education students.
  • A full 16 weeks of student teaching.
  • 1,000 hours of classroom experience before graduation.
  • Opportunities to conduct research with faculty members and participate in community activities, including literacy and reading events and after-school programs.