Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon and how often will I be able to work in front of a classroom?

We start placing you in schools during your freshman year. In nearly every semester, you will have some type of involvement in a school, working with children and teachers. In some cases, you will be working in after-school programs; in other cases, you will be working with struggling readers or tutoring. You will not be alone - your professors will be in the schools with you, giving you the help, supervision, and support you will need to become an excellent teacher.

Will I end up with an Indiana teaching license? What if I’m from another state?

Yes, we encourage graduates to apply for Indiana licensure upon program completion. Once you receive your Indiana license, it is relatively easy to apply for a license in another state. The licensing advisors at UE can help you with out-of-state licensing applications.

Since I'm off campus so much, will I need a vehicle? Can freshmen have vehicles on campus?

Yes, freshmen are allowed to have cars on campus. In your first school placements, you will be assigned in groups that have access to cars, so getting to and from a local school is not difficult. In your sophomore through senior years, however, you will need a reliable car.

How large are Education classes?

Most Education classes enroll between 12 and 20 students, depending on the major and other requirements. In School of Education programs, you will be well known to your professors and your peers, as we make it a point to get to know all of our students very well.

Can I be an education major and still spend a semester abroad?

Of course - we encourage it! Your advisors will work with you to plan your Harlaxton or semester abroad in such a way that will allow you to keep up with your classmates in Education.

What about technology? Is there a specific requirement for computers?

The School of Education does not require a computer or any particular brand of technology; however, you will find that a laptop is extremely useful for all of your classes. Try and buy one with as much memory as you can afford.

Is there a place or person available to education majors who can help me find lesson or research materials?

The College of Education and Health Sciences in Graves Hall houses a modern, well-equipped Multimedia Center that is managed by a former teacher who can help you. The Center houses a variety of technology and computer equipment, all of the adopted textbooks for Indiana, and a wide range of teaching resources.

Can an elementary education major also complete a minor in another subject and still graduate in 4 years?

Yes! And we strongly advise doing so. The key is making sure you and your advisors are in regular contact and that each semester's schedule works toward your goal.

Can I double-major or add an endorsement and still graduate in four years?

In most cases, the answer is yes; but of course, a double major means meeting the requirements for both majors. The key to being successful with double majors is to work closely with the advisors for each of the majors, who also will work together for you.

Can I major in elementary education and teach kindergarten, or can I teach just Social Studies/Language Arts/Math in the upper grades?

You will be licensed as an elementary teacher to teach all of these subjects in kindergarten through sixth grade.

I know that I want to major in English Education, but I want to minor in psychology or computer science. How will my minor impact my licensure and "hire-ability"?

Your minor will definitely enhance your employability, especially if you have added the minor to your teaching license - that is, you have completed the requirements for the license along with the minor requirements (usually a test).

Are some education courses offered online?

A limited number of courses are offered online during the winter term and summer sessions. The majority of courses in the TESL program are offered online.

Can I be an athlete and involved in other activities while in the School of Education?

Many students in the School of Education are student athletes or are involved in numerous campus organizations.

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