BS/BA in Psychology

Students interested in human behavior, thoughts, and interactions with their environment may earn a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology. Our program prepares students to be competitive in graduate admissions and in the workforce. Completion of this program, through consultation with an academic advisor, prepares students for graduate training in a wide variety of disciplines within psychology.

Eventual career options include teaching and research as a university professor, employment with a social service agency, and practice as a physician or other health care provider. Concentrations are offered in behavior neuroscience/pre-medical, clinical psychology, clinical social work, forensic psychology/pre-law, and industrial business psychology.

Elective Psychology Concentrations

The Department of Psychology offers the following concentrations. These concentrations are optional, as you may also tailor a psychology curriculum to suit your own objectives.

Behavioral Neuroscience / Pre-medical

Students in this major are prepared for careers in health-related fields such as medicine or for graduate training in disciplines within behavioral, cognitive, or molecular neuroscience. Career options include working in a university, research institute, pharmaceutical company, or hospital setting.

Clinical Psychology

This specialization prepares a student for graduate study in clinical or counseling psychology. These psychologists typically practice psychotherapy in a private practice, hospital, or mental health setting. They work with adults, children, or both. Some enter employment at a university to teach as well as to do treatment or research.

Clinical Social Work

The profession of social work (upon completion of a master's degree) provides opportunities in psychotherapy, social service administration, and child protective services. We offer an ideal choice of courses for students wanting to enter a graduate social work program.

Forensic Psychology / Pre-Law

Forensic psychologists specialize in the assessment and/or treatment of persons who, in some way, are involved in the legal process or legal system. They are employed in a variety of settings including state forensic hospitals, court clinics, mental health centers, jails, prisons, and juvenile treatment centers. They are also qualified for positions with the CIA and FBI.

Industrial Business Psychology

Students majoring in this specialization typically follow a career in industrial and organizational psychology where they consult in business and industry. Others gain employment in business after receiving a bachelor's degree or continue in graduate school to earn a master's degree in psychology or an MBA.