Auditions and Interviews

The Department of Theatre seeks students interested in studying acting, directing, scene design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, theatre technology, stage management, dramaturgy, playwriting, theatre management, and general theatre studies. Auditions and interviews determine the student's experience and potential for success in a theatre-related career. A student participating in auditions through an organized event does not need to schedule a private audition.

UE Theatre Viewbook

Auditions and interviews should include one or more of the following approaches:

  • Audition: Actors should provide a headshot, resume, and prepare a memorized two-to-three-minute monologue from a contemporary play, 20-30 lines from a play by William Shakespeare, and one verse from a Broadway musical. The student must provide recorded musical accompaniment and use their own playing device.
  • Portfolio Review:
    • Stage managers, designers, and technicians should provide a resume, as well as present examples of work in the form of photographs, prompt-scripts, slides, and/or drawings of productions on which the student has worked. Examples of related skills (sewing, woodworking, drawing, etc.) are also helpful.
    • Students interested in theatre management should present a comprehensive resume, writing samples, and any photographs or examples of completed projects.
    • Students interested in theatre studies may choose to combine an audition and portfolio review.
    • Students interested in directing/dramaturgy should present a resume of theatre work and an essay on their artistic goals for a career in the theatre industry in directing and/or dramaturgy.
  • Interview: All prospective students will interview with members of the faculty to assess skills and interests. Interviews allow students to talk with a faculty member in an informal manner and discover what the University of Evansville and the student have to offer each other.

Auditions and Interviews Schedule

The University of Evansville will conduct auditions and interviews in-person and via a virtual platform this year. We will be participating in several group auditions, UE private auditions (in-person and virtual), and private auditions as part of the National Unified Auditions.

Those locations and dates are:

  • New York City, January 27–28, 2024
  • Chicago, February 5–8, 2024
  • Los Angeles, February 10–11, 2024

The University of Evansville Theatre has a $25 audition fee for all private auditions. To apply for a need-based fee waiver, please email

The University of Evansville will host on-campus auditions on these dates:

  • September 30, 2023
  • November 4, 2023
  • January 15, 2024
  • February 24, 2024
  • March 16, 2024

The University of Evansville will host online auditions on these dates:

  • November 4, 2023
  • January 15, 2024
  • March 16, 2024

The University of Evansville plans to have representatives conducting auditions and interviews in conjunction with the following events:

  • Indiana Thespian Festival
  • International Thespian Festival
  • Texas Thespian Festival
  • Kansas Thespian Festival
  • Greater Houston Auditions
  • Colorado Thespian Conference
  • Pennsylvania Thespian Conference
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Showcase, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Musical Theater College Auditions
  • Georgia Thespian Conference
  • Minnesota Thespian Conference
  • National Unified Auditions

The University of Evansville is a proud, founding member of the National Unified Auditions.