Areas of Acceptance

Stage Design

Stage Design

UE offers specialized courses in architecture and costume history, rendering, advanced production techniques and advanced design are also available to accommodate each student's strengths and interests.

Theatre Performance

Classes in scene study, voice, speech, movement, mask work, script analysis, dance and stage combat prepare performance majors for intensive practical on-stage experiences. Mainstage and studio productions, along with various classroom and student-directed projects, allow actors to further develop and perfect their craft in a variety of hands-on settings. Casting for all productions guarantees students equal consideration for all available roles, regardless of class standing. Acting students also have the opportunity to experience and prepare for the professional audition situation through a series of workshops and mock auditions and interviews.

Theatre Design and Technology

Design and technology majors take a core curriculum of classes in production techniques, costume construction, graphic communications, scenic, lighting and costume design. Specialized courses in architecture and costume history, rendering, advanced production techniques and advanced design are also available to accommodate each student's strengths and interests. Production opportunities provide beginning and intermediate students with hands-on experience in lighting, sound, scene painting and construction, costume construction and stage management. Qualified advanced students may serve as technical directors, stage managers, or scenic, lighting, costume and sound designers for main stage and studio productions.

Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies majors must be of the highest academic caliber, possess demonstrated talent, and exhibit an interest and proficiency in several areas of theatre. To accommodate their academic prowess and varied interests, theatre studies majors are encouraged to explore a variety of theatrical disciplines and work with faculty mentors to discover their talents and enhance their strengths and career goals. Theatre studies students may pursue an additional major or minor in a field of their choosing or take more in-depth theatre courses to enhance their comprehensive theatre education.

Theatre Management

This major is designed for highly qualified students interested in a career as a leader in the field of arts administration and management. By offering an equal course load between the School of Business Administration and the Department of Theatre, these students become skilled in basic business techniques and obtain strong knowledge of the theatre arts. Theatre management students become involved in every aspect of theatre production and administration in order to effectively understand how a theatre is organized and managed. Hands-on positions are available in marketing, fund raising, special events, company management, house management, audience services, subscription campaigns, and ticket office management.

Theatre Education

Extremely selective admission requirements and a challenging curriculum provide a unique opportunity for students to acquire the necessary tools to foster strong theatre education programs in our public and private schools. Core classes in the Department of Theatre are combined with courses in the School of Education to create a solid foundation for aspiring secondary school theatre educators. Because students are required to become fully involved in departmental activities, they also benefit from gaining hands-on skills in acting, directing, stage management, technical theatre, design, and promotion. In addition, theatre education majors must complete 24 hours of course work to receive a teaching minor in a discipline of their choice, allowing another area of potential teaching certification.

Stage Management

This major combines classes in theatre, management, and studies in communications for the student interested in a career in stage management. This curriculum allows the student to develop a broad-based educational program that meets individual desires and abilities while specializing in stage management. Students are allowed to enhance this area of specialization with a closely related program of study through the requirement of an associated study.

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