Special and Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Amount
Applied Music (per credit) $400
Practice Teaching - Administrative Fee $60
Practice Teaching (per week) $32
Bridge/Dual Credit Program (per credit hour) $125
Co-op (per period) $390
Late Registration $190
Parking (per year) $50
Credit by Exam (per credit hour) $115
Tuition Exchange (per year) $250
Nursing Transport - Harlaxton $440
Senior Scholars/Age 62 and up (per credit hour), non-degree seeking only $125

Finance Charge - 1.5% per month calculated on the month-end unpaid balance.

Special Notes

  • Independent Study classes are charged at either full-or part-time undergraduate rates.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Academic departments may assess additional fees for testing, labs, and/or materials.

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