Transition to Teaching

The UE School of Education takes its responsibility to provide a path for those holding degrees to enter the teaching profession very seriously. We attempt to provide a rich and effective means for persons to put their content knowledge, maturity, experience, motivation, and sense of purpose to work learning the art, craft, and science of teaching.

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The Transition to Teaching program requires 17 credit hours at a steeply discounted rate of $385 per credit hour. It is available for secondary certification in math, life science/biology, chemistry, physics, history, English, visual art and music. Much of the instruction in the transition to teaching program occurs in the schools through a series of internships and student teaching experiences. One of the most attractive features in the UE program is that it can work with individuals currently teaching with provisional certifications to build internship and student teaching experiences around their existing classroom activities. Additionally, those with a bachelor’s degree and the passion to teach or the desire for a career change can enroll in the program and meet requirements to obtain a teaching license.

Courses in the Transition to Teaching program are typically completed in a calendar year. The required student teaching course is the same as that for our undergraduate program, 16 weeks with both a mentor teacher as a guide and a university supervisor for additional support.

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