Summer Housing

We'd love to have you on campus this summer!

Applications are available in Residence Life starting March 28, 2016.
Applications are due April 22, 2016.

The rates below are applicable from May 6, 2016, through August 20, 2016. These rates are per person in a double occupancy room.

Summer residents can elect to contract for any of the periods of stay below, or stay for the entire summer.

Rates are based on a weekly rate of $189 per week. UE students receive a discounted rate of $154 per week during Summer Sessions I and II.

Period of Stay Dates Duration Schroeder Hall
Spring/Summer Transition May 5 – May 14 10 days $270
Summer Session 1 (Reduced rate for students) May 15 - June 18 5 weeks $770
Summer Session 2 (Reduced rate for students) June 19 - July 23 5 weeks $770
Summer/Fall Transition
- for those moving into Fall Housing**
July 24 - August 20 4 weeks $756
Summer/Fall Transition
- for those not moving into Fall Housing**
July 24 - August 4 12 days $324
Entire Summer May 5 - August 20 $2,566

* The date for transition to permanent Fall Assignments is scheduled for August 4-7.

Non-UE summer residents and individuals not moving into University housing for Fall must move out during the August 4-7 move out period.

Moving into Summer Housing

University of Evansville students who currently live on campus will transition to a temporary or permanent summer assignment sometime during the two weeks following the end of Spring semester. This is contingent on Summer Conference Camp schedules and necessary cleaning and preparation of rooms.

Moving out of Summer Housing

Residents in Summer Housing will transition to a temporary or permanent fall assignment between August 4-7. Some moves may need to be made earlier based on cleaning needs and move-in schedules.

Residents must check out with a Residence Life staff member when leaving their spring and summer residences. This check-out appointment must be made 48 hours in advance. Individuals that do not schedule a check-out appointment may be charged an improper checkout fee.

Policies and Procedures

As a condition of this contract, the resident agrees to be aware of and abide by all rules of conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook. The resident also agrees to maintain a proper standard of behavior and not disrupt the residential community. Vio­lations of the terms of this contract or of any of the rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook will be normally handled through the campus judicial system. However, the University reserves the right to treat such violations as a breach of contract. Further, residents dismissed from University housing or from the University for academic or disciplinary reasons are not entitled to a refund. For further explanation of University policies and procedures, please refer to the Student Handbook and/or housing regulations as outlined on the Residence Life website.

Liability for Loss of or Damage to Personal Property

The University of Evansville and the Office of Residence Life assume no responsibility for theft, damage or loss of money, valuables, food stuffs or personal belongings of any student or guest. No personal property insurance is available through the University. Students should check with their families to determine the extent of coverage, if any, under existing insurance policies or purchase independent personal property insurance.

Contract Cancellation

Contracts can be cancelled without penalty by the 1st day of each summer term for that session to reside locally with parents, legal guardians or immediate family, transferring, withdrawing, or cancellation of that session’s classes. Cancellation requests made after these deadlines can result in a $200 cancellation fee.

Requests not falling in the above categories are typically not granted. Requests to move off campus to live with friends or move into an apartment are not sufficient reasons to cancel a UE housing con­tract. Entering into any other housing agreement or lease with a private land­lord will have no effect upon the conditions of your contract with the University of Evansville.

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Student Life Center, Second Floor, Ridgway University Center