Powell Residence Hall

Powell Hall in the Fall

Located on the southeast corner of the UE campus, Powell Residence Hall is home to UE's Honors housing, with up to 96 co-ed students living there.

History: Powell Residence Hall opened in 1993, and is named for Life Trustee Mary Kuehn Powell.

Distinctive Community Themes: Powell Hall is home to UE’s Honors housing for students who are academically-driven and focused on their studies.

Features: Powell offers students a full kitchen and laundry on the lower residential hallway. The lobby provides a hall office, mailboxes, and lounge seating with a TV and a studio piano. Corner lounges on each residential floor offer social and study space (includes the Honors Lounge and a game room). This building is equipped with an elevator.

  • Each floor has a male or female designation.

Quick Facts

  • Address: 501 S. Weinbach Ave.
  • Room dimensions: 11’x17’ (some variation)
  • Bathroom facilities:
    • Basement: One large bathroom per 18 residents
    • All other Floors: One large bathroom per 27 residents
  • Laundry facilities: 5 washers, 6 dryers
  • Air conditioning: Yes
  • Carpeting: Yes
  • Furniture: Furniture includes two beds, two wardrobes, four stackable dresser units, two desks with lighted carrels, and two Trey desk chairs. The furniture is movable and can be arranged to preference.
  • Lofts: All beds designed to be lofted as an option. All lofting equipment is located within student rooms. Rented, purchased, or personally constructed lofts not allowed.
  • Smoking: All residential buildings are tobacco-free (smoking and vaping prohibited).
  • Fire suppression: Sprinkler system for student rooms and common areas

Accessibility in Powell

  • Accessible parking spaces in the adjacent Powell parking lot
  • Main entrances are accessible at ground level
  • Residential floors and common areas accessible by elevator
  • Residential rooms are accessible throughout building
  • Accessible Bathrooms
  • Room number signs throughout the hall and elevator buttons have braille
  • See photos in Residence Hall Accessibility Features