Hale Residence Hall

Hale Hall dorm room

Located on the east end of campus along Weinbach Avenue, Hale Residence Hall is a coed building of approximately 180 students.

History: Hale Hall was named for UE’s 18th president, Lincoln B. Hale, opened in 1966, and was renovated in the summer of 2007.

Distinctive Community Features: Hale Hall is our value-priced residence hall for freshmen who are on a serious budget. There are approximately 50 double occupancy bed-spaces available. Single rooms are generally not available in this building.

Features: The hall features a full kitchen with an adjacent TV lounge, as well as a large recreation room with comfortable seating, a television, billiards, and ping-pong. Each upper hallway has a study room with a computer. The first floor has a computer lounge with a network printer. There is also an outdoor basketball and sand volleyball court.

  • First Floor – Single Gender Floor
  • Second Floor – Coed by side of Hallway or single gender

Quick Facts

  • Address: 451 S. Weinbach Ave.
  • Room dimensions: 12'x15'x7' (some variation)
  • Study facilities: At least one study room per floor
  • Bathroom facilities:
    • First Floor: One large bathroom per 25 residents
    • All other Floors: Two large bathrooms per 55 residents
  • Laundry facilities: 5 washers, 6 dryers
  • Air conditioning: Yes
  • Carpeting: Yes
  • Furniture: Furniture includes two beds, four stackable dresser units, two desks with lighted carrels, and two Trey desk chairs. The furniture is movable and can be arranged to preference. Two built-in closets with overhead cabinets provide ample storage.
  • Lofts: All beds designed to be lofted as an option. All lofting equipment is located within student rooms. Rented, purchased, or personally constructed lofts not allowed.
  • Smoking: All residential buildings are tobacco-free (smoking and vaping prohibited).
  • Fire suppression: Sprinkler system for student rooms and common areas.

Accessibility in Hale

  • Accessible parking spaces in the adjacent parking lot
  • Main and side entrance accessible by ramp
  • All first floor common areas are accessible including the lobby, computer / printing center, kitchen, laundry, and community room
  • An accessible first floor residential floor includes:
  • Room number signs throughout the hall have braille
  • See photos in Residence Hall Accessibility Features