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It is important to tailor resumes and job search approaches specifically for health-related careers. Although many aspects of the job search are similar to other fields, several important differences exist. As most health care professional programs require mandatory clinical experiences, it is critical to display this information prominently on your resume. Required clinical, practicum or internship experiences are the basis of your professional development outside the classroom. By focusing on the skills, techniques, and processes of those clinical experiences, you showcase the fundamental building blocks of your chosen profession.

Furthermore, any related work, volunteer or leadership experience associated with your major or profession should be clearly labeled and emphasized. Again, take a skills and outcomes approach when relating the information. It is a good practice to keep in mind that most employers know what a job entails; they want to know how you add value to the task and potentially for their organization. Whenever possible, focus on the value you add to all of your efforts, either professional or personal.

In conclusion, your mandatory clinical, practicum or internship experiences can be key elements as you develop your resume and prepare for job interviews.

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