Global Scholars 2016 - 2017

The Center for Innovation and Change is pleased to announce the Global Scholars for the 2016-17 academic year.

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Braun, Department Chair and Professor of Physics; Dr. George Iber, Professor of Education; Dr. Richard Maass, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Ms. Valerie Milholland, Adjust Professor of Art; and Ms. Gail Vignola, Academic Director of the Writing Center.

Each Global Scholar will receive a stipend and travel allowance. As Global Scholars, the recipients of this award will engage in scholarship, curriculum development, and activities related to preparing our students and community for global leadership, citizenry, and success. The Global Scholars program is supported by the John H. Schroeder Global Scholar Endowed Fund and the Lilly Endowment.

Dr. Jeffrey Braun

Dr. Jeffrey Braun, Department Chair and Professor, Physics

Dr. Braun will establish an Alternative Energy ChangeLab class at Harlaxton; provide an interdisciplinary team of students an opportunity to learn project management in a global and socially innovative context; and connect UE students with Cambridge University students already working in this arena, hopefully establishing an ongoing partnership.

Dr. George Iber

Dr. George Iber, Professor, Education

Dr. Iber will investigate a possible affiliation with the Universidad Autónma de Yucatan (UADY), located in Merida, Mexico, which could be an excellent institutional partner for two UE programs: Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL/EFL) and Spanish language majors. This proposal has two goals. The first is to investigate the existing program design and facilities at UADY that are used for their EFL program. The second goal is to establish university level program contacts for students who wish to have a Spanish language immersion experience in Mexico.

Dr. Richard Maass

Dr. Richard Maass, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Maass will conduct research addressing why the pursuit of annexation of nations by great powers has become rare in the modern world. The Russian annexation of Crimea in the spring of 2014 shocked international observers. In response, the United States and the European Union levied sanctions against Russia, affirming that annexation is now an unacceptable foreign policy goal. Since when does the dominant state in the system enforce shared norms against annexation rather than pursuing annexation of its own?

Ms. Valerie Milholland

Ms. Valerie Milholland, Adjunct Professor, Art

Ms. Milholland will be accompanying several of her students returning to Guatemala in September to continue research which began at Casa Tat Loy in spring 2016 with the Mission Guatemala ChangeLab course. They will continue to teach a paper making process to the residents of Casa Tat Loy residential alcoholic treatment center to create and decorate cards to sell to the 40-50 visiting groups that come through Mission Guatemala each year. The goal is to create a self-sustainable art therapy program for local Guatemalans.

Ms. Gail Vignola

Ms. Gail Vignola, Academic Director, Writing Center

Ms. Vignola will continue the advocacy and education work of the Scholars for Syria program, which was started last year, by building on success with UE professors, outside speakers, local schools, and the business community.