Global Scholars 2018 - 2019

The Center for Innovation and Change is pleased to announce the Global Scholars for the 2018-19 academic year.

Congratulations to Dr. Su Jin Jeong, Assistant Professor of Public Health; Mr. Chuck Meacham, Professor of Theatre; and Dr. Pengcheng Xiao, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Each scholar will receive a travel allowance. As Global Scholars, the recipients of this award will engage in scholarship, curriculum development, and activities related to preparing our students and community for global leadership, citizenry, and success. The Global Scholars program is supported by the John H. Schroeder Global Scholar Endowed Fund and the Lilly Endowment.

Su Jin Jeong

Su Jin Jeong, DrPH

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Su Jin will address infant and maternal mortality in the context of different cultural practices, healthcare programs, and social policies. U.S. infant and maternal mortality rates compare unfavorably to other nations. Su Jin states that there appears to be a lack of understanding regarding the importance of specialized care during the postpartum period in the U.S. She will travel to Korea to lay the groundwork for a UE summer class that may be further developed as an International ChangeLab course. Lessons learned could be a catalyst in changing students’ thinking and approach to how the U.S. could prevent infant mortality and maternal mortality.

Charles “Chuck” Meacham, MFA

Charles “Chuck” Meacham, MFA

Professor, Theatre

Chuck will use his past experience working with Habitat for Humanity and the Theatre Department to pursue additional experiences and leadership training available through the Habitat for Humanity Global Village Build Project. His aim will be to become a team leader of such projects. Habitat for Humanity is already the University of Evansville’s fastest growing short-term program. However, additional Global Village team leaders are needed to enable expansion of UE’s current Habitat programs, including spring break programs leading students on global building projects.

Pengcheng Xiao, PhD

Pengcheng Xiao, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Pengcheng will work to develop an exchange program in China for UE students. He will visit Beihang University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (both top Chinese schools) to explore the opportunities for building exchange programs with UE. These programs will focus on science and engineering. He will also attend a conference and a summer school program hosted by Peking University School of Mathematical Science where he will collaborate with experts in a similar area.