Beyond the Classroom

Biology student with plants
From faculty-led research to field work and study abroad, biology majors at UE have numerous opportunities to put their knowledge to work outside the classroom.

Biology student looking in microscope.jpgStudents in the biology program are encouraged to conduct in-depth research. The University's UExplore Undergraduate Research Program provides funds for supplies and stipends. Depending on career goals, student projects may involve topics from gene cloning to complex ecosystem interactions. Professional and graduate school admission committees consider research experience particularly valuable. In addition to on campus experiences, a variety of off-campus research opportunities exist at national laboratories or at graduate schools across the country. Each summer many of our students participate in such research experiences.

Examples of recent combined undergraduate and faculty research projects include:

  • Using RNA interface to investigate the function of novel histone demethylases in Drosophila melanogaster. (Faculty advisor: Joyce Stamm; Students: Michael Daum, Kristina Stemler, Jessica Neely, Daniel Coomes, Joshua Manghelli, Michael Murillo)
  • Using cox1 sequence date and mitochondrial genome level characters in phylogenetic reconstruction of Unionicola mites. (Faculty advisors: Dale Edwards. Brian Ernsting; Students: Amy Johnson, Katie Aldred, Lesley Jackson, Scott Fites, Caroline Neff)
  • Evolutionary relationships of the North American blueberries (Vaccinium). (Faculty advisor: Ann Powell; Students: Elaine Durcholz, Mallory Williams)
  • A botanic survey of Vectren Conservation Park Forest diversity: examining the importance of heterogeneity. (Faculty advisor: Cris Hochwender; Student: Jordan Lachowecki)
  • Determination of number and type of microbes associated with mouthpieces from woodwind musical instruments along with development of best practice methods to reduce microbial contamination (Faculty advisor: Mark Davis; Students: Jared Vibbert, Ian Lynch)
  • Parasite-Mediated Competition between Cope's Gray and Green Treefrogs (Faculty advisors: Dale Edwards, Noah Gordon; Student: Anne Steele)