Mission Statement

The Mission of the Music Conservatory is based upon the acknowledged value of art in our lives. Music performance promotes self-knowledge, self-actualization, and confidence; it develops creative expression, and it enhances the quality of life. The study of music, including practice, course work, and research, promotes such values as self-discipline, teamwork, diligence, and the efficient use of time. The study and performance of music create a sense of connection with other cultures, historically and currently, by bringing to life works of art which express deep and personal human feelings throughout the ages. In preparing students for careers as musicians in their chosen area of specialization, we achieve our mission and reflect the values expressed in the University's mission:

  • By offering instruction at the highest scholastic and artistic levels to talented, committee students
  • By challenging students to excellence through modeling and training
  • By promoting personal an intellectual growth through the acquisition of career-specific skills, knowledge, and understanding
  • Through instruction that deepens students'' knowledge of a broad range of cultures and an increased awareness of their own
  • By promoting a sense of responsibility, service, and leadership to the community across a broad range of professional settings such as business, therapy, public and private education, and arts organizations
  • By being committed to a role in the personal, aesthetic, and intellectual development of all students at the University, recognizing that are helps forge links between rational analysis and intuitive insight, between reason and imagination

Recognizing its unique role in the artistic life and leadership of the University and greater Evansville communities, the Music Conservatory serves as a resource for instruction, information, entertainment, and enrichment.