Scholarships and Awards

Music Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded to eligible students pursuing music degrees and are based on musical talent and academic potential. Students wishing to apply for an academic scholarship in music should:

In addition to the academic scholarships, need-based financial assistance is available to qualified students. To be considered for need-based awards, students should file a FAFSA report by April 15.

Ensemble Participation Grant

The Ensemble Participation Grant is available to non-music majors who are interested in performing with a music ensemble. This award is part of the financial aid notification you receive from the Office of Student Financial Services and is added to a student's UE Annual Scholarship, provided the Annual Scholarship does not meet UE's full tuition cost and is not part of an enhanced award such as direct entry programs, B/MD, athletic awards, or Scholar Day awards. The award may be extended more than one year if all requirements of the ensemble are met as directed in the course syllabus.

Please contact to audition for the Ensemble Participation Grant.

Evansville Philharmonic String Fellowships

A unique ensemble opportunity for outstanding string students is the experience of performing alongside professional musicians as contract players with the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra. Fellowship students are chosen by audition before the EPO Music Director and the UE string faculty. The compensation the students receive as fellowship players in the EPO is not tied to any financial aid offered by the university. Fellowship auditions are by invitation only from the string faculty.

Friends of UE Music Assistantships

The Friends of UE Music Assistantships provide financial support for deserving students. A total of four assistantships are awarded each academic year. Students who are awarded assistantships are assigned to projects within specific areas of the conservatory. Assignments are based on student interest and the needs of the conservatory. Students may apply for these assistantships in the spring of each year. Two of the four awards are for specific instruments or areas of study. One assistantship is named in memory of Brandon Vukovich and is awarded to an oboe/double reed student. Another is the James William Church and Gary Gentry Hester Jazz Music Assistantship and is awarded to a student pursuing the Jazz Studies Certificate.