Diane Meyer Bauman

Class of 2006, Music Therapy

The people, the German culture, the somewhat unpredictable weather, and even the Lloyd Expressway made this Michigan native's UE experience a memorable one. Mostly, though, it was the people. The peers, professors, campus ministers, neighbors, and friends (what we like to call the UE community) made the University of Evansville feel like home. In fact, Bauman states that she tries to stop by campus every couple of years just to take a stroll and drive down the Lloyd, because after over a decade the University of Evansville “still feels like home.”

As Board Certified Music Therapist for nine years, a music therapy internship supervisor, and a clarinet teacher Bauman feels that the University of Evansville undoubtedly prepared her for a career in music therapy. The music therapy course work and various practicum experiences gave Bauman the strong base needed to engage in a successful internship after her undergraduate course work. In fact, the experience was such a success the site offered Bauman a music therapy position following the internship.

Not only providing a strong foundation in music therapy, the liberal arts background that Bauman received gave her “tools to see the world through a variety of lenses.” This perspective has proven valuable as Bauman's natural leadership skills shined through when she took on her favorite job title “Internship supervisor.” Music Therapy majors are required to complete an approximate six month internship following their course work in order to receive their degree. Bauman has truly enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot from the interns in guiding the learner from a student to a professional.

Career highlights include participating in a national research study at a local children's hospital. During this study, music videos were created with participants as they received bone marrow transplants. In addition, Bauman served as the membership chair for Michigan Music Therapists and was the registration chair for the 2012 Great Lakes Region of the American Music Therapy Association Conference.

A wife and a mother of two children, Bauman enjoys reading memoirs, attempting to grow vegetables, keeping up with her favorite TV series, and traveling.