Lucas M. Pate

Class of 2015, Bachelor of Science, with an Emphasis in Music Management

As member of the Armed Forces in the Army National Guard, Pate currently attends Indiana's Office Candidate School to work toward becoming a Commissioned Officer in the state of Indiana. In addition to being a soldier, Pate operates a private music studio and works as a part-time administrator at Moore Music/Evansville Music Academy. Reflecting upon the realization that his bachelor's degree was a key that could unlock the door to several career paths, Pate has been excited to explore various career possibilities within the military and within the music business.

The high level of academics and opportunities for student leadership offered at the University of Evansville prepared Pate well for his career. Pate was a member of and presided over Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a music fraternity on campus, and the University of Evansville Music Management Association. Pate feels that being in leadership in these organizations contributed to providing him with the leadership skills he needs to be successful in his career. In addition, Pate considers connecting and networking with professors and colleagues to be critical part of his education. Pate reflects that the faculty at UE have a high level of experience in their field, and that he was impacted by the amount of care that the faculty demonstrated in the success of their students. He noted that the "smaller class sizes, faculty, advisors, and professors were able to devote time to ensure a student is following their desired career path."

Pate fills his spare time with music. He claims to be unable to resist picking up the nearest instrument to play for fun. Music has served as much more than a hobby to Pate and has paved the way into a meaningful career. He enjoys performing, spending time in his studio rehearsing, and filling in as a substitute teacher at local schools.