Jordan Buechler Alumni Profile

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Psychology

  • Graduation Year: 2018

Jordan Buechler, 2018 University of Evansville graduate, is currently attending Notre Dame Law School.

While at UE, Jordan appreciated many facets of the Honors Program, especially honors courses. She describes, “Honors classes were some of my favorite classes at UE because they were even smaller than the usual courses and were more discussion-based. I was able to explore topics more in depth and have more control over discussion topics than in a typical lecture.”

Jordan also valued the connections she made with other students as a result of the Honors Program. “My best friends at UE were ones that I met living in Powell because we were all part of the Honors Program,” she says. “It helped having friends that put as much dedication into their schoolwork as I did. It not only created stronger friendships for me, but also helped me academically. Surrounding myself with high-achieving people made me want to work harder.”

When it came time to apply for law school, Jordan realized some of the extra benefits associated with being in the Honors Program. “Due to the smaller classes, I developed closer relationships with my professors, which helped when I needed recommendation letters. Also, my honors project gave me something impressive that I could talk about in law school interviews.”

Jordan gives this advice to future Honors Program students, “The Honors Program can be exactly what you make of it. It doesn't have to be a lot of extra work, but if you put the time into it and take advantage of its resources, it can help you in the long run.”

After completing law school, Jordan plans to practice international human rights law.