University of Evansville

Honors Program

Honors students enjoy many benefits including special housing, early registration for classes, special networking opportunities, and the camaraderie of peers who enjoy being intellectually engaged.


Program Requirements at a Glance

  • GPA 3.5 or higher to graduate from the Honors Program*
  • Participation each semester
  • 21 total Honors points
  • 15 Honors points from classes
  • 3 Honors points from Honors project
  • Additional points may be earned from Honors events, study abroad, or additional coursework

Program Requirements in more Detail

To continue in the Honors Program beyond their third semester at UE, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. To complete the program, they must have a GPA of 3.5 by graduation. Honors students must also participate in an Honors course or an Honors activity each semester and accrue a total of 21 Honors points from the categories that follow. However, students are encouraged to accrue points beyond this minimum in order to take full advantage of the Honors Program.


Course Work (required; 15 points)

Each semester, the Honors Program offers courses designated for Honors credit. Courses change from semester to semester. These are often courses that fulfill general education requirements. The program requires a minimum of 15 credit hours of course work.

Students may also earn Honors points for virtually any University non–Honors course through “contracting”, provided the professor teaching the course agrees and the Honors Director approves. This option is primarily intended for juniors and seniors.

Honors Project and Research (required; 3 points)

The Honors project is the capstone of the Honors experience and is intended to demonstrate clearly, to the campus community as well as to graduate schools, law schools, medical schools and employers of all kinds, that the UE Honors student stands out from the general UE student population and is headed for an outstanding career. The project should involve significant research or creative work that will be presented to the University community; students are also encouraged to present their work in off-campus settings. See the “Honors Program Project” page for more details.

Study Abroad (optional; points vary)

  • Harlaxton College fall or spring semester: 2 points
  • Harlaxton College summer session: 1 point
  • Other locations (points vary): Students studying abroad at other locations should submit a description of their academic experience to the Director. Points will be decided based upon the length of stay and applicability to the Honors learning experience.


Events and Activities (may include but are not limited to the following)

  • Current events discussions
  • Weekly Honors Tea hosted by the Honors Program professor-in-residence (no points awarded)
  • Lectures
  • Book and movie discussions
  • Service to the Honors Program (e.g. holding an office on the Honors Activity Board)
  • Honors Program-sponsored volunteer activities (e.g. Honors Ace Mentors)
  • Presenting at a research conference
  • Participation in student academic competition

Point Records

Although the Office of the Registrar will keep track of all course work and corresponding credit, the Honors Program Office records Honors Program activities points.

To record attendance at events worth Honors points, students should go to WebAdvisor; “Academic Profile”; “Honors Event Registration”.

The points a student has earned for the Honors Program are available for viewing on WebAdvisor; students should go to the “Academic Profile” section and click on “My Honors Activity”. If students are missing points, they should submit a dispute request located on WebAdvisor under the “My Honors Activity” section. Disputes will be emailed to the Honors Program office for follow up.

Good Standing Guidelines for Honors Program Requirements

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of Honors Program students to know their status in meeting program requirements. However, the program will do a review of each student at the end of their third semester at UE. At that point those not achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.0 will be asked to withdraw from the program.