Jesse Miller Alumni Profile

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Philosophy, with a minor in Legal Studies

  • Graduation Year: 2010

Jesse Miller at graduationAfter graduating from UE in 2010, Jesse Miller attended law school at Michigan State University. He graduated in May 2013, passed the bar exam, and was sworn in and licensed in the fall of 2013. He currently works at the Madison County Prosecutor’s office in Anderson, Indiana, prosecuting major felony cases.

About his experience in the Honors Program, Jesse explains, “I have a unique Honors Program story. I did not join the program upon admission to UE. During my first year at UE, one of my professors asked me if I was in the Honors Program, and he helped me get plugged-in. All of the staff in the program were very kind and cooperative; the decision to join quickly became clear. I strongly believe that a great college academic experience (or life experience) is 94% initiative, 5% desire to learn and 1% remembering information. The Honors Program at UE placed me in an environment where I could find the resources I needed to get me where I am today.”

When asked to describe his favorite thing about the UE Honors Program, Jesse says, “Writing and critical thinking. Hands down. Regardless of your field of study, focus on the intangibles. Yes, your resume looks good, but a class with an "H" designation gives you much more than that--you have near unfettered access to great people with great minds. This, above all, will make your college experience unique, rewarding and exceedingly valuable.”

Jesse also credits his Honors project and faculty member, Dr. Daniel Byrne, for helping him achieve his academic goals. “For my final project, I wrote an extensive paper on whether the right to bear firearms is truly a 'natural' right and whether the 2nd Amendment is at all antiquated. This required me to pull resources from my areas of discipline (Philosophy, Law and a little bit of Economics), but it also forced me to explore the discipline of History with help from Dr. Daniel Byrne. I am grateful for Dr. Byrne's time, constructive criticism and helpful feedback. I never actually had him for class, but he helped shape my academic experience.”