Sierra Miller Alumni Profile

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

  • Graduation Year: 2017

Sierra Miller at graduationSierra Miller, 2017 University of Evansville graduate, is currently pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Chatham University.

During her time at UE, Sierra took full advantage of the academic opportunities offered by the Honors Program. She recalls, “Being a part of the Honors Program enhanced my academic experience by allowing me to delve deeper into subjects that I was passionate about. For one of my honors contract courses, I completed a literature review on ways that behavior modification techniques could be applied to physical therapy. Doing this project made the course more personal and meaningful for my future career.”

Sierra also valued the relationships she made with other students through the Honors Program. “My favorite thing about the Honors Program was living in the honors dorm, Powell Hall. It's so much more than a dorm – it's truly a home away from home,” she explains. “It was wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded, driven, and dedicated students who support each other. The friendships that I made in Powell and the Honors Program were the strongest I had in college, and some will last a lifetime.”

Sierra cherishes her memories from the Honors Program and highly recommends the experience to other students. “My decision to apply for the Honors Program was one of the best I ever made. Being part of the program provided me with a loving and supportive community, unforgettable experiences, and beautiful memories that I would never have had otherwise.”

After Sierra completes her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, she plans to work in an out-patient orthopedic physical therapy clinic. She also hopes to become a clinical instructor and teach in the physical therapy department at a university.