Humza Khan Alumni Profile

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

  • Graduation Year: 2018

After completing his undergraduate degree in biochemistry in 2018, Humza Khan didn't stray far from the University of Evansville. He is continuing his studies just down the road at the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences, as part of the IU School of Medicine.

During his time at UE, Humza appreciated the university's family atmosphere, particularly within the Honors Program. He explains, “I was a commuter student, so having a place to call home was great. I made amazing friends through the Honors Program that I'm still in touch with today; in fact, some of them are my classmates in medical school.”

Humza not only participated in the honors community, but also helped shape it through his leadership role in the Honors Activity Board (HAB). He says, “I loved the community aspect of the program because it motivated me to get more involved, gave me a more positive outlook on my academics, and helped me be a happier individual overall.”

Humza encourages students to get involved with the Honors Program. “I view the members of the Honors Program like I would family. They will become some of your greatest friends.”

In the future, Humza hopes to pursue an internal medicine residency and possibly become involved with Doctors Without Borders.