University of Evansville

Honors Program

Honors students enjoy many benefits including special housing, early registration for classes, special networking opportunities, and the camaraderie of peers who enjoy being intellectually engaged.

Honors Program Project

The Honors Program project is the capstone of the Honors experience and provides a unique opportunity for students to explore an area of study about which they are passionate. Projects can take many forms depending on the topic - ranging from laboratory research to performances or artwork. Students utilize their projects to launch interests they have for graduate study or to help them expand their resumes for employment. Honors students will be encouraged (though not absolutely required) to select a topic before the end of their junior year and to make contact with a professor who is willing to act as faculty supervisor of the project. Formal proposals MUST be submitted no later than October 1 of the senior year. Projects that relate to a senior thesis or senior project being done by a student in their major field must amount to entirely additional work beyond what has been done for the senior thesis or senior project, and students doing this will need to demonstrate that this is the case. Papers done for a course and for which a student has been given a course grade or part of a course grade are not acceptable as Honors projects.

Honors projects must be presented on campus, although students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to present elsewhere also. The Honors Presentations will take place in a conference format in early April, and students will be informed of the date and time of their presentations approximately a month before they are scheduled to present. These presentations are to be 15-20 minutes in length. The written work that is part of the project is due by April 15 and must have been evaluated by the supervising faculty member by that time; that faculty member will be asked to sign the final product as an indication of their approval.

Occasionally, funds from the Honors Program may be available to help cover expenses associated with a project. Students should retain all receipts for expenses associated with the Honors project.

Note: Students graduating at the end of a fall semester should submit their project proposal in the previous fall and complete and present their work in the spring semester before graduating.

While many may think of these as projects to be done during the senior year, there is no reason not to get started earlier. Indeed, many students actually complete their work before their senior year. This is especially true if you wish to take advantage of summer research or creative opportunities either off campus or through the UE Explore program. Your work should represent the culmination of your undergraduate work and provide the groundwork for further work in your profession or in graduate or professional school.