UE's Department of Music offers five music degrees and a comprehensive curriculum.

Chamber Ensembles

Recognizing that many of the most rewarding and challenging musical experiences occur in the context of smaller groups of peer collaboration, we offer numerous opportunities to participate in chamber ensembles for students of all levels of abilities.

Many of these groups meet on a continuing basis, and new ensembles with varying instrumentation are formed each semester to keep experiences fresh and innovative. Opportunities include:

  • Larger ensembles of like instruments, such as Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Trumpet Ensemble, Brass Choir, Guitar Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble
  • More intimate combinations of instruments such as string trios and quartets, wind quartets and quintets, and piano trios and quartets

Chamber ensembles are coached by professional musicians from the applied faculty and perform on campus concerts, community events, and regional tours. Any University student, regardless of major, may participate with the permission of the instructor.