Waiting List Policy

How the waiting list works:

  • Names are added to the list in the order in which the waiting list forms are submitted.
  • When an opening occurs in a studio, several factors influence how that opening is filled.
    1. Position on the waiting list.
    2. Your availability. Openings most often occur at the beginning of the fall semester and are usually at very specific times of day. It is easier to add students who are available during the day rather than after school.
    3. Your child's age. Classes include students of similar age and maturity. This could mean a class of all 3-4 year-olds or a class of 7-8 year-old students. Therefore a family that is 35th on the list may begin lessons sooner than a family that is 9th on the list because their child is of the appropriate age.
    4. Eagerness to participate. If you are contacted to begin lessons but are unable to accept at that time, you will be contacted a second time when an opening occurs. However, after the second refusal priority for contacting is withdrawn.

Questions concerning your status on the waiting list may be submitted by email to mm9@evansville.edu or by calling 812-488-3435.