Colleen (Morales) Lahti

Class of 2007, Music Management

Originally from Evansville, Lahti resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, Andrew (UE Music Performance '04). Lahti is doing what she considers her dream job. She is involved in running the Tulsa Ballet Center for Dance Education. She also aids in running the Tulsa Ballet outreach programs that reach over 5,000 students. In addition she is involved in Tulsa Ballet II, the second company of the Tulsa Ballet that reaches 10 international and American students. These opportunities allow her to work with at-risk youths. Lahti states, "The chance to see these students simply smile, have an increase in positive behaviors, and knowing that they now see life as something with options beyond just hoping they have food, clean clothes or merely a roof over their heads, makes my heart swell. And seeing them continue to succeed after the program is completed, is the most wonderful feeling of making a difference I've ever experienced."

Lahti feels that the high standards and academic rigor at the University of Evansville prepared her well for her career. Attending a smaller university allowed her the opportunity to work closely with her professors and colleagues developing important interpersonal skills. She also learned important organization and time management skills throughout her UE career that have helped her succeed in her current position. Lahti states that she continues to quote professors to this day regarding the important information they shared throughout her education. She notes that the UE world is a small one in that she once met a fellow alumni from Houston in Washington DC that was working on software that applied directly the software she was using in her career. Overall, Lahti states her favorite part about going the University of Evansville was the people she met and the relationships that were formed.

Lahti's personal connection to music and her experience in music management have proved quite valuable in her current position. Often collaborating with the Tulsa Opera and the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Lahti believes that the common thread of music has led to a deeper and stronger working relationship with these and other performing arts companies.

In her spare time Lahti enjoys reading, watching British television shows, and "being amused by the antics of [their] two cats."