Doctor of Physical Therapy

At UE, Doctor of Physical Therapy students complete 1200 hours of full-time, in-the-clinic experience. Physical Therapist Assistant students complete 720 hours.

After Graduation

Licensure Exam Pass Rate

The three year average first-time pass rate (2013, 2014, and 2015): 90.23%


Our graduates have been successful obtaining employment as physical therapists throughout the country. The majority of our graduates secure employment prior to graduation or within one month of graduation.

Graduation Rate

The three-year average graduation rate (2013, 2014, and 2015): 93%

Physical Therapy Department Outcomes Assessment

The Department of Physical Therapy has an Outcomes Committee that is charged with the task of monitoring the outcomes of our curriculum; that is, do our graduates leave the University of Evansville with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to succeed in any health care environment? The outcome assessment is a continuous process, and includes the review of both classroom and clinical activities. This process enables the faculty to adapt quickly to changes in the health care environment or physical therapy profession by modifying the entire curriculum, individual courses, or components of courses as needed. As a result of this ongoing assessment, the high quality and excellence that the program is recognized for is ensured.

There are several tools used to assess the program, including a Senior Survey conducted by the University, the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) used by all clinical instructors, an exit survey conducted by the Department of Physical Therapy, student focus groups, and a survey based on accreditation standards established by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). This survey is administered to each graduate at the time of graduation, and again one year and two years after graduation. In addition, the survey is sent to the employer of each graduate one and two years after graduation. The survey is our primary tool for monitoring outcomes and for determining what adjustments, if any, need to be made in our curriculum.

Assessment of outcomes is an ongoing process, which leads to a continual review and revision of the curriculum. This is as it must be if we are to continue to prepare our graduates for effective practice in a continually changing and challenging health care environment. We are committed to maintaining this continuous improvement.

Goals Of The Physical Therapy Program

  • Provide an accredited educational program in physical therapy that enables all students to become licensed practitioners.
  • Function as an essential constituent of the University.
  • Provide an educational environment for students that promotes learning, a spirit of inquiry, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Provide a stimulating occupational setting for faculty by promoting continuous professional development and scholarly activity.
  • Encourage active participation of faculty in consultation and clinical practice.
  • Encourage professional excellence through active participation of students and faculty in community service.

Expected Student Outcomes At Program Completion

Graduates of the program will be professionals who:

  • are competent entry-level practitioners.
  • practice self-assessment.
  • apply principles of evidence based practice.
  • practice in an ethical manner.
  • practice in a culturally competent manner.
  • are committed to lifelong learning.
  • participate in professional organizations.
  • participate in community volunteerism.
  • are advocates for their patients.
  • are advocates for their profession.

Sports Residency Program

The ProRehab and University of Evansville Sports Residency Program is designed to provide physical therapists with advanced proficiency in the complete care of the athlete. This includes pre-participation physicals, performance enhancement, injury prevention, on-field management, rehabilitation, and return to sport considerations. Our unique affiliation with multiple high school, college, and professional teams allows the Resident to have concentrated exposure to sports physical therapy.

During this program, the physical therapist resident will work in the clinic 40 hours per week and spend time with patients with sport related injuries. The remainder of the week will be spent on-field with "hands-on" sports physical therapy mentorship provided by ProRehab's Certified Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists. The Resident will have the opportunity to work with a local high school as well as with collegiate and professional athletes. The Resident will observe surgery and participate in clinic patient care with the orthopedic surgeon.

The Resident will take additional coursework focused on sports physical therapy. ProRehab physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and certified hand therapists will be serving as instructors for these courses. Through these courses the resident will learn emergency management of the injured athlete, taping/bracing, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, the female athlete, and internal organ and skin diseases. In addition, the Resident will have advanced classes in all of the major body regions as well as running, landing, and throwing analysis.

The Resident will participate in one of the active research lines through ProRehab and the University of Evansville. The Resident will also have the opportunity to assist with teaching of entry-level DPT students at the University of Evansville. By the completion of the 15 month program, the therapist will be prepared to sit for the Sports Certified Specialist Exam.

The ProRehab and University of Evansville Sports Residency Program is credentialed by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post-professional clinical residency program for physical therapists. Click here for more information.

Pat Wempe, PT, SCS, CSCS
Class of 1988

Pat Wempe

Pat Wempe has a multifaceted view of the University of Evansville's Department of Physical Therapy. As a graduate of the department, a former instructor in the program, and a business owner seeking talented new professionals, Wempe has had exposure to all aspects of the UE physical therapy program.

After completing his degree, Wempe remained in the Evansville area, focusing his professional skills in orthopedics. He also began conveying his clinical experiences to UE physical therapy students, teaching as an adjunct professor and providing supplemental lectures on special topics. Now an owner of ProRehab, a local outpatient physical and occupational therapy facility, his connection with the University has expanded. "With the University of Evansville, we at ProRehab join an elite group of nine organizations across the country that offer a credentialed residency program for sports physical therapy. Earning this prominent accreditation is a great honor and further establishes ProRehab as a nationwide leader in the physical therapy field and distinguishes our partnership with the University."

Wempe appreciates the connections and knowledge an Evansville education provided him and all the students who finish the program. "As an employer, I look to hire therapists who are hard-working and have good communication skills. I know Evansville students have completed a challenging, liberal arts-based education that makes them well-rounded, well-prepared employees."