Orthopaedic Residency Program

Together with the University of Evansville, Rehabilitation & Performance Institute, PSC offers a 14-month physical therapy outpatient orthopaedic residency at our Owensboro, Kentucky location that allows you to participate in one-on-one mentored patient care with expert clinicians and caregivers.

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This program allows licensed physical therapists to advance their knowledge by incorporating classroom knowledge and psychomotor skills through face-to-face interaction, weekend intensives, online learning, and small-group discussions.

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ABPTRFE has granted Rehabilitation & Performance Institute, PSC and the University of Evansville Orthopaedic Residency initial accreditation for a period of 5 years through January 2024. Residency programs are not accredited by CAPTE.

Accreditation by ABPTRFE is a reliable indicator of the value and quality of the Residency Program. In receiving initial accreditation, the program demonstrated its commitment to educational standards and ethical business practices indicative of quality, accountability, and continuous improvement that enhances the physical therapy profession.

Program Vision and Mission

We believe that through the experiential residency training model, we can develop and cultivate professionals who are deeply rooted in continued clinical excellence, and who thrive in the profession through leadership and research.

At RPI, we provide a model that emphasizes patient-centered care and compassion through one-on-one treatment sessions with a client throughout the course of their care. This allows for an environment in which the complex orthopaedic patient can thrive and the provider can make appropriate, clinical decisions that are in the patient's best interest in a sound learning environment.

By investing our time in growing the clinician in their individual treatment style while melding evidence-based practice with functional movement systems and manual therapy, we feel we are impacting the provider and the communities in which we live and work.

At RPI, we value interprofessional communication and interdisciplinary treatment approaches to find the best whole-person treatment for the client in front of us. We provide structured wellness experiential opportunities to gain a greater appreciation for other conservative disciplines.

Our academic partner, The University of Evansville, has many scholarly resources and houses a state-of-the-art movement analysis laboratory where the resident has the access and freedom to develop new research ideas. There are also opportunities to participate in the classroom setting with DPT students and develop as educators.

We believe that residency training is a steppingstone in one's professional development over the course of their lifetime. It inspires the individual to continue to learn, step up into leadership positions, and continue growing our body of knowledge as physical therapists.