Clinical Education

Clinical education provides opportunities for students to develop professional skills and competencies in collaboration with clinical faculty, patients, administrators and healthcare professionals. Clinical courses are designed to support didactic course work and address the student's professional development needs. The University of Evansville Department of Physical Therapy currently affiliates with over 300 local, regional, and national and international clinical sites to provide quality educational experiences in a variety of settings with diverse populations and cultures.

At the University of Evansville, clinical education for Doctor of Physical Therapy students includes four courses integrated throughout the professional curriculum for a total of 30 weeks. Students complete full-time clinical courses during summer and spring semesters of the professional program. The number and type of domestic and international clinical placement opportunities varies annually. While the Evansville community provides a number of clinical opportunities, students should anticipate the personal and financial impact associated with transportation and accommodation outside the Evansville area for the majority of their full-time clinical course work.

Below are resources to support the DPT Clinical Education experience: