Affordability and Aid – Direct Entry and Graduate

Direct Entry – Financial Aid

Students admitted into the Direct-Entry DPT Program in both the 3+3 and the 4+3 models beginning their undergraduate program in the Fall of 2020, Fall 2021 or Fall 2022 will receive their primary UE merit-based scholarship throughout undergraduate studies only, as long as all renewal criteria are met. Students are considered undergraduate through year four (when the undergraduate degree is earned) regardless of 3+3 or 4+3 track.

Additional aid may be available for students in the undergraduate portion of the DPT Program. This may include federal, state, and institutional grants (gift assistance that is not repaid), student loans (repaid by the student after college), and federal work-study (employment on campus). Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using UE's school code 001795. UE encourages all students to file the FAFSA annually between October 1 and April 15 to ensure maximum consideration for all forms of need-based aid for the following academic year. Indiana residents must meet the filing deadline of April 15, to be considered to receive grants funded by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE).

Please note: It is not necessary to file your FAFSA to apply for or renew UE merit-based scholarships.

During the graduate portion of the program, students are awarded a Loyal Ace Scholarship of either $2,500 or $5,000 (based on ACT scores) which is awarded at time of admittance to the program and applied to graduate studies. The graduate coursework of the program will be under an All-Inclusive Tuition model (example below) in the summer following the completion of the bachelor's degree.

Graduate – Financial Aid

Students who have completed a bachelor's degree at another university and are admitted into the graduate level of the DPT program in the summer of 2021, or after, are not eligible for UE scholarships but will have graduate-level federal loan eligibility available in the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and Grad PLUS Loan programs.

DPT Graduate Students -Tuition and Costs

Graduate level DPT students will pay a special tuition rate established for each cohort that will be locked in for the graduate years of enrollment. Tuition for students entering in the summer of 2022 is listed as an all-inclusive price of $12,360 per term, which includes the cost of tuition and PT program fees. University fees are in addition to this cost.

All financial aid will be applied toward educational costs for each academic year.

The table below reflects only the graduate level of the DPT program. Fees shown below for the summer 2022 program entry are estimated based on 2021-2022 rates and are subject to change.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Tuition and Fees Chart (alternate text provided below)
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Tuition and Fees for Students Entering Summer of 2022
Semester Tuition Fees Total
Year 1 - Summer $12,360 $90 $12,450
Year 1 - Fall and Spring $24,720 $1,236 $25,956
Year 2 - Summer $12,360 $90 $12,450
Year 2 - Fall and Spring $24,720 $1,236 $25,956
Year 3 - Summer $12,360 $90 $12,450
Year 3 - Fall and Spring $24,720 $1,236 $25,956

* University-related fees for the Summer 2022 program entry are estimated based on 2021-2022 rates and are subject to change.

Students will be responsible for university-related fees not included with the program fees. Additional costs may include textbooks, clinical education travel, labs, and health-related fees (i.e., CPR certification, immunizations).

For further assistance, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 812-488-2364 or 800-488-8634.

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