Freshman Direct Entry Admission

Kianna Wong headshot

Kianna Wong, PT, DPT ‘21

“The best thing I did in my college application process was to apply for a direct entry program. I cannot stress this enough: if you know now that you want to go to PT school after undergrad, get into a direct entry program. Your life will be so much easier and you will avoid so much stress in approximately 3-4 years. I also knew I wanted a small school for undergrad, and UE's DPT program stood out to me for how highly its graduates are spoken of.”

The University of Evansville offers an entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. This six or seven-year curriculum involves three years (3+3 track) or four years (4+3 track) of prerequisite and undergraduate course work, followed by three years (nine semesters including summers) of professional study.

During your first three (3+3 track) or four years (4+3 track), you will complete undergraduate and pre-professional requisite course work. You will submit your application for admission into the DPT program in the fall of your junior year of college (3+3 track) or senior year (4+3 track).

There are many advantages to completing your bachelor's degree at UE.

  • UE provides a strong undergraduate curriculum and nurturing environment.
  • The average class size for undergraduate classes is 18, and the student to faculty ratio is 13:1.
  • Direct entry admission into the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program is available to high school seniors.
  • Pre-physical Therapy student have the opportunity to join the Physical Therapy (PT) Club. PT Club members are current DPT students and undergraduate students who plan to pursue a degree in physical therapy.
  • Freshman pre-physical therapy students are assigned a PT advisor in addition to an undergraduate advisor.
  • Undergraduate students have the opportunity to study abroad at Harlaxton in England for a full academic semester (4+3 track) or a five-week summer session (3+3 track).

The undergraduate application is to be completed by high school seniors. Make sure to indicate on the application which undergraduate degree you plan to complete, as well as your intent to pursue the DPT degree.

UE offers several degree options for your undergraduate studies that can be completed on the 3+3 track or 4+3 track.

The direct entry pathway has multiple admissions requirements.

Loyal Aces Graduate Scholarship

All students with direct entry into the DPT program who enter UE as a freshman beginning in Fall 2020 or after are eligible for the Loyal Aces Graduate Scholarship. This award is available to students upon completion of a bachelor's degree from UE. Direct entry DPT students will receive the UE Merit scholarship for the first four years of undergraduate study, and then they will receive the Loyal Aces Graduate Scholarship during the fall and spring semesters (excludes summer terms) through the remaining graduate years in the program. After earning their undergraduate degree, students will then be transitioned to the all-inclusive graduate tuition rate with eligibility of receiving the Loyal Aces Graduate Scholarship.

For UE students who do not immediately progress into the graduate portion of the DPT program following completion of their undergraduate degree or fall out of progression, the student’s tuition rate will be determined based upon term of re-entry. Student will remain eligible for the Loyal Aces Graduate Scholarship.

To qualify, direct entry students must meet specific ACT or SAT scores prior to matriculation and will be awarded as follows:

  • ACT of 30/SAT of 1390 or higher: $5,000 annual scholarship ($2,500 per fall and spring semesters) beginning in graduate years.
  • ACT of 26-29/SAT 1240-1380: $2,500 annual scholarship ($1,250 per fall and spring semesters) beginning in graduate years.