Acute Care Residency Program Specifics

Cost: No Tuition required

Salary and Benefits: The resident will receive a salary of 80% of an experience-matched non-resident physical therapist. The resident will be considered a full-time employee and receive all the benefits included in that designation. A stipend will also be provided for the adjunct faculty position by the University of Evansville for assistance as a lab instructor.

Hours of Work: The resident will be in a salaried position which may exceed 40 hours per week but should not exceed 50 hours per week. Resident will be allotted time out of clinic hours to complete didactic course work, however, may be required to complete some activities outside of scheduled working hours.

Agreement Duration: The resident contract will be active for 12 months. The resident is not guaranteed a position with the company after that 12-month period, however, if a job opening is available, the resident may apply.

Program Year: The residency program will begin in mid-August of each year and last through mid-August.